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Controller Installation
Do you have an installation diagram, which shows me the basic requirements of installing an OMS motion controller?

Please review the following diagram which shows how to install an OMS controller. The example of a PC68-47 in a "Stand-Alone" configuration (RS232 interface) is shown. The example shows both a stepper motor and servo motor system, and the inter-connection of the signals required.

Please note:

  • The grounding point for the motor and driver or amplifier must be discrete from the grounding point for the controller logic.

  • The PC68 controller installed on a PC/104 Bus is installed in a similar fashion except the RS232 communication port is not used, and a 5VDC and +/- 12VDC power connection is not required. This is because a controller used in "bus mode" would receive communications over the PC/104 Bus, and the necessary power is supplied from the PC/104 Bus
Tuning Software
Does OMS have a software package to assist in the set-up and tuning of a Servo Motor?

Yes, we have a Servo Motor Tuning Assistant that provides the user with significant graphic information and assists in the set-up and tuning of a Servo Motor. Please contact OMS Technical Support to receive a copy of the tuning assistant.

Return Material Authorization
May I have a motion controller repaired by OMS?

Yes, we have an evaluation and repair process, which makes it easy for you:

First, contact OMS Customer Service by e-mail, by Fax (503) 629-0688, or by Phone (800) 707-8111 to obtain a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number. Please be prepared to provide the following information: Company Name, Your Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Ship-To Address, Model, Serial Number(s) (Example: PC48-4E, S/N 952), and purpose for the evaluation and repair. A credit card number or purchase order number will also be necessary.

OMS' standard process takes up to 20 business days from reciept of the product to evaluate, test, repair (if repairable), and re-test the controller. It is OMS' standard procedure to update the firmware to the latest version unless YOU specify the original version, which came with the motion controller.

Contact OMS Customer Service for fees on our standard evaluation and repair costs.

Software Support Policy
What is OMS' current Software Support Policy?

A variety of support software is available for OMS motion controllers. This support is limited and designated for specified operating systems. OMS makes every attempt to provide this software free from defect and fully operational with OMS controllers. Any suspected defect in this software should be reported directly to OMS.

OMSs’ motion controllers have been successfully operated on the Windows 95 and DOS operating systems for several years, however OMS no longer support these legacy operating systems. This is due in-part to discontinued support by Microsoft and hardware vendors. For additional information about support life cycles of Microsoft products, please log onto their Web Page:

Discontinued Controllers
Why are you discontinuing some motion controllers?

Pro Dex - OMS has worked to maintain the availability of our mature product lines. Availability of purchased components to build these products is the gating factor. As the manufacturers of these components obsolete them we take the opportunity to purchase some of these components as a "last time buy". As the supply of those components are consumed and we reach the end of the supply we the product family is discontinued. In most cases we have designed new controller families to replace the obsolete controller families. Tech Support can help you in determining the correct new product family.

Pro Dex - OMS continues to maintain component inventory to provide maintenance for "Evaluation and Repair" for most of the older motion controllers. The procedure for taking advantage of the Evaluation and Repair capability is covered in the Appendix of the User Manual. (See RMA process for more information).

Do you have follow-on products for the PC38 and PC39 family of Motion Controllers?

Yes. The PC48 family is a follow-on product for the PC38 and 39 family of controllers.

The PC48 is compatible with the Command Syntax and has the same 80-Pin Connector. The connectors and IO interface used by the PC38 can be used. The PC48 is a half size ISA bus controller. It can be installed in the same space as the PC38 or PC39 as well as smaller slot spaces.

The PC48 family of controllers uses an FPGA logic element as well as Surface Mount Technology. It is recommended sufficient time be allotted to re-validate your application with a PC38 or PC39 application to make sure it functions as expected. There may be slight timing differences caused by the use of the FPGA. Interrupt oriented drivers are recommended.

Are there follow-on products for the PCX and the PC34 families of Motion Controllers?

The PC46 family is the follow-on product family of motion controllers for the PCX and PC34 families of controllers. It is compatible with the Command Syntax and has the same 50-Pin Connector, so that the same Plugs of the PC34 or PCX controller can be used. It is a half size ISA card, so it fits in the same space area as well as smaller slot spaces.

The PC46 family of controllers uses a FPGA logic element, as well as Surface Mount Technology. It is strongly advised that sufficient time be allotted to re-validate your application with PCX or PC34 application to make sure that it functions as expected, as there may be some slight timing differences.

*Interrupt oriented drivers are recommended.

Are there Follow-On Products for the VMEX and the VME44 families of Motion Controllers?

The follow-on products for the VMEX and VME44 are the VX2 and the VS4 family of motion controllers. They are compatible with the Command Syntax and have the same Connector. The connectors used by the VMEX or VME44 controller can be used.

The VX2 and VS4 family of controllers uses a FPGA logic element, as well as Surface Mount Technology in their construction. It is recommended sufficient time be allotted to re-validate your application with VX2 and VS4 applications to make sure it functions as expected. There may be slight timing differences caused by the use of the FPGA.

Are there Follow-on Products for the VME8?

OMS does not have a follow-on direct replacement product for the VME8. If you can operate with 6 Axes or less, then the VX2 family should be used. The communication interface is virtually identical, though it has a different hardware connection. There will be some required modifications to the cabling. The applications interface is similar.

However, if 8 axes of control are required from one card, i.e. synchronous control of 8 axes, then a VME58-8 would have to be used. This product has a DIFFERENT Pin-Out, Application Interface, and operational architecture. It will require a hardware and software effort to convert the application and migrate it to the VME58-8. The command syntax is compatible. Please contact OMS to discuss the specifics for your situation.

Are there manuals for Discontinued Products?

Yes, there are hard copy manuals that can be purchased. Electronic versions are not available for discontinued products. Contact Customer Service to purchase a manual.

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