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IntraFlow has been chosen as a 2006 Product of Distinction by Dental Products Report magazine.
IntraFlow™ - The Smart Way To Achieve Instant Anesthesia.

The IntraFlow™ Intraosseous Anesthesia Delivery System is the latest technology in pain management for the dental professional and represents a major breakthrough in providing fear management for the anxious dental patient. The IntraFlow™ System delivers intraosseous anesthesia in an easy, one-step procedure that minimizes the facial numbness and patient discomfort, during and after the dental procedure, which is normally associated with delivering profound local anesthesia. The IntraFlow System delivers effective, immediate anesthesia without the use of a traditional hypodermic needle, providing immediate pain relief and profound pulpal anesthesia in about one minute.

What is Intraosseous Anesthesia?
  • Intra means “within”
  • Osseous means “bone”
  • The technique of Intraosseous Anesthesia (IO) causes teeth to be anesthetized by injecting local anesthetic directly into the cancellous bone spaces around the teeth. It is an easier, faster alternative to common anesthesia injection techniques like intraligamentary, infiltration and nerve block. The goal is to deposit anesthetic into the cancellous bone distal to the root of the target tooth or teeth.

Visit us at the following conferences to see a demonstration of the IntraFlow System:

Conference Location Dates Booth Number
IDS Meeting Cologne, Germany March 20-24, 2007 # H066
AAE Annual Session
Philadelphia, PA
April 25-28, 2007
# 241 & 340
ODA Spring Meeting Toronto, ON Canada April 26-28, 2007 # 1906
California Dental Association Spring Session Anaheim, CA May 4-6, 2007 # 1124
Texas Dental Association San Antonio, TX May 10-12, 2007 # 817


For more information, call toll free within the US and Canada: (800) 562-6204.
International inquiries: (714) 241-4411
or send us an e-mail at


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