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Pro-Dex Inc. specializes in bringing speed to market in the development and manufacture of technology-based solutions that incorporate embedded motion control and miniature rotary drive systems. With operations in Santa Ana, California and Beaverton, Oregon, Pro-Dex designs and produces products serving the medical, dental, factory automation and scientific research markets. The Company's strategic focus is to get customers to market faster, at a lower cost and with a higher quality product. Pro-Dex's products are found in hospitals, dental offices, medical engineering labs, scientific research facilities and high tech manufacturing operations around the world.

Pro-Dex is a company based on the concept that everything we do should create value, value for our customers, value for our suppliers, value for our employees and value for our shareholders. The Company takes all the individual investments made into the Company, whether investments in time, capital or energy, and turns them into something more than they began. This is our job and our commitment.

Micro Motors designs, develops and manufactures pneumatic, electric and battery powered rotary drive systems for use in the medical, dental and industrial markets.

Founded in 1971, the company pioneered the first miniature air motors for surgical procedures, later expanding upon that technology to develop a broad base of products for use in dentistry, medical applications and industrial robotics and automation.

Micro Motors distributes its own line of pneumatic and electric dental handpieces sold under the trademarks "Dynatorq™", "Dynapro™", "Dynalite™", "Dynasurg™", and "Micro Handpiece™", as well as numerous lines of private label drive systems for use in dental, cranial, spinal, arthroscopic and orthopedic surgery. Micro Motors also designs and manufactures miniature pneumatic motors for industrial applications in the automotive, aerospace, apparel and entertainment industries.

Located in Santa Ana, California, Micro Motors' 19,000 square foot facility houses a complete array of capabilities in design, engineering and production. Development of a new generation of branded dental handpieces, positions Micro Motors for steady growth well into the next century.

Pro-Dex, Micro Motors
151 East Columbine Avenue
Santa Ana, California 92707
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Designer and manufacturer of leading edge, intelligent precision multi-axis motion control

Oregon Micro Systems (OMS) has a 20-year track record in designing and producing advanced precision motion control cards for medical, dental, industrial robotics and high-tech applications. With patented, leading edge technology and sophisticated, solution-driven design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, OMS is poised for continued expansion in the explosive growth arena of motion control.

The OMS motion control products have an excellent reputation for performance and reliability and have been used in the manufacture of silicone wafers, in industrial robotics, medical testing equipment and have even flown to outer space. Proprietary, easy-to-use software which allows customers to define complex move sequences on up to eight axes from a single board makes OMS a highly competitive player in the field of motion control.

At its Beaverton, Oregon, facility, OMS produces and warehouses a full line of motion controls and accessory products, accommodating many of its customers with 24-hour turnaround and Just-in-Time delivery. An excellent, long-term reputation, technical expertise, superior customer service and solution-oriented engineering will drive OMS's expansion well into the next century.

Pro-Dex, Oregon Micro Systems
1800 NW 169th Place, Suite C100
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
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