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Oregon Micro Systems is registered to ISO 9001 and develops and markets precision multi-axis motion controllers for embedded control applications. For over 20 years, Oregon Micro Systems has delivered precision motion controllers including PCI, PC/104, and VME bus-based controls as well as Stand-Alone controllers to the global marketplace. In fact, over 500,000 OMS axes of motion are currently in use around the world, demonstrating our proven reliability and leadership. In addition to controllers, Oregon Micro Systems offers software, and accessories. Our controller's flexibility and ease of use reduces development cost and time-to-market.

To maximize your results, decrease your development time, and generate a cost effective solution, contact an Oregon Micro Systems' Applications Engineer today!

Oregon Micro Systems is your ideal motion control partner. Experience the difference with "The Company in Motion".

Between 1980 and 1985, Oregon Micro Systems identified a demand for embedded multi-axis motion controllers in the Medical and Semiconductor equipment industries. These demands led to the founding of the company and its incorporation in 1985.

During this time a group of Design Engineers developed a core base of motion controller technologies and products. U.S. Patents have been granted based on these technology developments. These innovations produced market accomplishments within the Medical and Semiconductor industries.

On July 26, 1995, the company was acquired by Pro-Dex, Inc., a public company located in Santa Ana, CA.

In July 1998, Oregon Micro Systems became registered to ISO 9001 by an ANSI-RAB accredited registrar. To maintain our registration, OMS undergoes an annual independent audit, validating compliance to the requirements of the standard.

Today, Oregon Micro Systems is conveniently located in the Twin Oaks Technology Center in Beaverton, Oregon. Our manufacturing and office building is 11,475 square feet, manned with trained, dedicated employees ready to respond to our customers needs.

Quality System
Continuous improvement is a key contributor to OMS’ success as a quality-conscious organization. The OMS Quality System, which encompasses the majority of the processes that drive our business, is under constant internal review and independent external validation for compliance to the ISO 9001 Standard. OMS has been ISO 9001 registered since July 1998. We have established and maintain documented procedures and work instructions for the development, production, testing and delivery of our products and services. We systematically look for opportunities to enhance and streamline internal practices, which ultimately yield cost savings for us and for our customers. Commitment is critical to our Quality System success. The OMS Management Team is dedicated to support, and continuously facilitates our Quality System as a strategic component to our business practice.

Mission Statement
To be recognized by our customers as a leader in the motion control industry in both products and services and to achieve our financial objectives.

Quality Policy
OMS strives to offer our customers high quality, affordable, multi-axis control products and outstanding customer service, while meeting defined business goals and providing employees with a professional and rewarding workplace.

We supply motion control products for the small OEM to the Fortune 500 company… from NASA to the largest semiconductor equipment manufacturers… for medical research & medical machine builders to the automated packaging machine producer… and for government research facilities. OMS goes to market via direct OEM Sales and through our network of High Technology Distributors within the United States. Internationally, OMS has agreements with numerous Distributors of electronic and motion control products.

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Medical & Instrumentation
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